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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 2012 Num. article: 2012/021

7th NEOBIOTA Conference, Pontevedra (ES), 2012-09-12/14

The 7th NEOBIOTA Conference on biological invasions will be held in Pontevedra (ES) on 2012-09-12/14 and is entitled “Halting Biological Invasions in Europe: from Data to Decisions”. This 7th NEOBIOTA conference intends to provide an international high-level forum to incorporate research into decision making processes and management of invasive alien species. Researchers, representatives from governmental entities, non-profit organizations, and any person or party involved in biodiversity conservation and natural resource management is invited to participate and to share ideas, new results and opinions in the field of biological invasions.
All ecosystems and organisms will be considered and the topics that will be covered during the conference include:
  • Impacts of biological invasions;
  • Management of biological invasions;
  • Ecology of biological invasions;
  • Evolution of biological invasions.
Abstracts for oral or poster contributions shall be sent by the 31st of May to neobiota2012@gmail.com.

NEOBIOTA Website: http://eei2012-neobiota2012.blogspot.com


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