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EPPO Reporting Service no. 09 - 2011 Num. article: 2011/205

Launch of the Belgian Code of conduct on invasive alien plants

As announced in the EPPO RS 2011/145, Belgium has produced a national Code of conduct on invasive alien plants through a consultative process with nursery professionals and the financial support from a Life+ Communication project entitled “AlterIAS”. This Code of conduct directed to the nursery industry has now been launched and is available in English, French and Flemish.
Partners voluntarily engaging in this Code of conduct commit to the adoption of the 5 following measures:
  • Keep informed about the list of invasive plants in Belgium;
  • Stop planting and/or selling selected invasive plants in Belgium;
  • Disseminate information about invasive plants to customers or citizens;
  • Communicate and promote the use of non-invasive alternative plants;
  • Take part in early detection.
A factsheet for the early detection of several species of invasive plants is provided in the Code of conduct. In the code, stakeholders committing to the Code are requested to report observations in Belgium on the ability of some alien species to reproduce abundantly, to escape from cultivation, or to spread in natural or semi-natural habitats.


Alter IAS Website: http://www.alterias.be/