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EPPO Reporting Service no. 06 - 2011 Num. article: 2011/146

Denmark: national initiatives on Code of conduct

The answers provided by Denmark to the questionnaire on the implementation of the Council of Europe/EPPO Code of conduct on horticulture and invasive alien plants in European and Mediterranean countries are summarized below. The general conclusions of the questionnaire are presented in EPPO RS 2011/144.

Stage and scale of implementation: In progress at national level.

Partners associated: The two national organizations of plant nurseries and retailers are involved.

Target of the Danish Code of conduct: The Danish Code of conduct is directed to plant producers and importers, as well as to plant retailers.

Financing of the initiative: Financial support for the development of the Danish Code of conduct is expected from the Nature Agency. For the implementation and future running of the Code of conduct, no budgetary estimates are available.

Use of legislation: Currently, only H. mantegazzianum (Apiaceae, EPPO List of IAP) is being regulated in Denmark. The implementation of the Danish Code of conduct is therefore independent from the existing legislation on IAP.

Criteria to establish lists of invasive alien plants: The species to be taken into account are those that appear on the national list of invasive alien plants that could establish or are already established in Denmark. This list is being elaborated by consensus among experts of the National Advisory Group on invasive alien species that also includes representatives from the horticultural industry.

Main requirements of the Code: The Danish Code of conduct requests that users do not produce, import or trade species listed as invasive, and should propose alternatives and information to customers.

Use of incentives or sanctions: Incentives to producers in the form of a 'certificate of participation' is foreseen.

Revision or update of the Code of conduct: Updating mechanisms shall be determined through the participation of plant trade organizations in the National Advisory Group.

Prevention of the spread of Invasive alien plants: This aspect has not been explicitly dealt with.

Communication activities: Not considered at this stage.

Monitoring of the implementation of the Code of conduct: Not considered at this stage.


Contact: Ebbe Nordbo, Plant Directorate, E-mail: eno@pdir.dk