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EPPO Reporting Service no. 06 - 2011 Num. article: 2011/129

First report of Erwinia amylovora in Algeria

In Algeria, symptoms resembling those of fireblight were detected in several pear orchards (Pyrus communis) in the wilayahs of Algiers, Blida, Tipaza and Boumerdès. Samples were tested in the laboratory, and the presence of Erwinia amylovora (EPPO A2 List) was confirmed in 2011. Phytosanitary measures are being taken to contain the disease and include: surveys in both infected and non-infected areas, destruction of infected trees, prohibition to move plant material from infected areas, prohibition to move bee hives from infected areas during flowering, pruning of symptomatic shoots and disinfection of pruning tools, information for fruit tree growers and nursery workers. A national committee has been constituted with different stakeholders (administration, growers) to coordinate this action plan.
The situation of Erwinia amylovora in Algeria can be described as follows: Present, first detected in 2011 in the wilayahs of Algiers, Blida, Tipaza and Boumerdès, under official control.


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