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EPPO Reporting Service no. 11 - 2004 Num. article: 2004/169

Absence of Monilinia fructicola in Belgium

A survey on Monilinia fructicola (EPPO A1 List) was done in Belgium from May to September 2004. It was conducted in 29 orchards, located mainly in the north-eastern part of the country which is the main fruit production area. The survey focussed on cherries (23 samples) but also on other fruit crops, i.e. plums (1 sample), apples (3 samples) and pears (1 sample). 29 samples in total were collected from the orchards and sent to the laboratory. Fruits were tested by PCR for the presence of M. fructicola, as well as M. laxa and M. fructigena. In addition, 1 sample of pears and 3 samples of apples were taken from imported material in September and October 2004. M. fructicola was not detected.
The situation of Monilinia fructicola in Belgium can be described as follows: Absent, confirmed by survey.


NPPO of Belgium, 2005-01.