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EPPO Reporting Service no. 08 - 2004 Num. article: 2004/116

Current situation of Diabrotica virgifera in United Kingdom

The NPPO of United Kingdom informed the EPPO Secretariat of new findings of Diabrotica virgifera (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae – EPPO A2 list) during summer 2004. Beetles have been trapped within all 3 focus zones (of 1 km radius) established after the findings made in 2003 (see EPPO RS 2003/115 and 2004/058). The focus zones are near Slough and Windsor in Berkshire, and near Gatwick in West Sussex. In 2004, the first finding was made near Windsor on the 25th of August. The traps set up within these areas are being subject to close monitoring. In the wide national survey, traps are due to be inspected from early September onwards.


NPPO of United Kingdom, 2004-09.