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EPPO Reporting Service no. 07 - 2004 Num. article: 2004/109

Tomato yellow leaf curl begomovirus is present in Italy

Since the late 1980s, tomato crops in Sicilia and Sardegna (IT) have been severely affected by yellow leaf curl disease. So far, only Tomato yellow leaf curl Sardinia begomovirus (TYLCSV - EPPO A2 list) was recorded in Italy. Over the past 5 years, surveys have been conducted in the main tomato production area of Sicilia (Ragusa Province) to determine whether viral species other than TYLCSV were present. In 2002, 49 symptomatic leaf samples were tested by PCR/RFLP. 16 samples were identified as TYLCSV, 7 as Tomato yellow leaf curl begomovirus (TYLCV – formerly TYLCV-Is), and 26 samples produced a combination of the two RFLP patterns indicating the presence of both viruses. According to the authors, this is the first report of TYLCV in Italy.


Accotto, G.P.; Bragaloni, M.; Luison, D.; Davino, S.; Davino, M. (2003) First report of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) in Italy.
Plant Pathology, 52(6), p 799.