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EPPO Reporting Service no. 06 - 2004 Num. article: 2004/086

Phytophthora ramorum found in Poland

The NPPO of Poland informed the EPPO Secretariat that Phytophthora ramorum (EPPO Alert List) was found in 3 nurseries on the following plants: Pieris japonica cv. Prehole, Calluna vulgaris cv. Peter Sparkes and Photinia sp. (one host plant in one nursery, respectively). Detection and identification were carried out using both morphological and molecular methods. All isolates of P. ramorum were determined as the A1 mating type. The sources of these infections are being investigated. P. ramorum had previously been intercepted in Poland on imported Rhododendron growing in containers (see EPPO RS 2002/040).
Appropriate phytosanitary measures were taken according to EU Commission Decision 2002/757/EC, of which the most important are:
- destruction of infected plants and all host plants within 2 m;
- permanent and intensive observation of all other host plants in the nurseries concerned, especially during active growth;
- treatment of soil where the infected plants were found;
- disinfection of containers and surfaces on which the containers were standing.
The situation of Phytophthora ramorum in Poland can be described as follows: Present, found in 3 nurseries (3 plants), under official control.


NPPO of Poland, 2004-06.