EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 05 - 2004 Num. article: 2004/082

New EPPO web site

The EPPO web site was first created in 1998 and has greatly expanded since then. After more than 5 years of existence, it was time for it to be restructured and simplified. Therefore a new site was published in May 2004. The main new features are the following:
  • A new section on plant protection products has been included so that the two main fields of EPPO activities (plant protection products and plant quarantine) are better illustrated.
  • The information about EPPO member countries is now much more complete. For each country, you can find: NPPO, contact point, structure, phytosanitary regulations (with direct access to the files), a map showing where EPPO meetings took place, useful web sites.
  • Much information about regulated pests has been added (data sheets, maps and pictures).
  • EPPO news and particular events are now published directly on the EPPO web site.
  • Specific web pages which allow licensed users of the Bayer Code System to propose new organisms or make other remarks on the system are now available.

We hope that you will enjoy our new web site and find it easy to use.

EPPO web site: www.eppo.org


EPPO Secretariat, 2004-05.