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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 2004 Num. article: 2004/020

EPPO Electronic Documentation Service: new mailing lists

The EPPO Secretariat is now proposing two new mailing lists, in order to better inform its correspondents when new phytosanitary regulations and new EPPO Standards are available on the EPPO FTP server (ftp://server.oepp.eppo.fr). These two new lists are respectively called:
- Regulations
- Standards
Registered users of these lists will receive e-mail messages each time a new document is added to the FTP server.

As a result, the EPPO Electronic Documentation Service now includes four mailing lists:
  • Reporting-E        Registered users of this list automatically receive the EPPO Reporting Service in English every month in their mail box
  • Reporting-F        Les utilisateurs inscrits sur cette liste reçoivent automatiquement tous les mois le Service d'Information OEPP en français dans leur boite de courrier électronique
  • Regulations        Registered users of this list receive warning messages when new phytosanitary regulations are added to the EPPO FTP server
  • Standards        Registered users of this list receive warning messages when new EPPO Standards are added to the FTP server

To register to the new lists, you simply have to send an e-mail to:
and write in the body of the message (leave subject field blank and do not add any signature):
Join <name of the list you want to join>
For example:        Join Regulations
       Join Standards
As it is an entirely automatic system (no human being at the end of the line!), you will have to follow these instructions very strictly. Additional explanations can be found on the EPPO web site, as well as a gateway to help you to register on-line:


EPPO Secretariat, 2004-01.