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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 2004 Num. article: 2004/007

First record of Cucumber vein yellowing ipomovirus in Portugal

In Algarve (south of Portugal), during summer 2002, vein yellowing stunting and sudden plant death were observed in melons (Cucumis melo) growing under protected conditions. These plants were also heavily infested by Bemisia tabaci. Nearby cucurbit crops also presented symptoms of virus disease: watermelons (Citrullus lanatus) showed mild leaf chlorosis and split fruits with internal necrosis; cucumbers (Cucumis sativus) and courgettes (Cucurbita pepo) showed vein clearing and leaf mottling. 52 samples were collected from these diseased crops and tested by RT-PCR with specific primers. 15 samples were found infected by Cucumber vein yellowing ipomovirus (CVYV – EPPO A2 list). Most samples were also infected by Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder crinivirus (EPPO Alert List). Surveys carried out in summer 2003 confirmed the presence of CVYV on cucurbits in this area of Algarve. Further studies are needed to determine the impact of CVYV on cucurbit crops. This is the first report of CVYV in Portugal.
The situation of Cucumber vein yellowing ipomovirus in Portugal can be described as follows: Present, first found in Algarve in 2002 on several cucurbitaceous crops.


Louro, D.; Quinot, A.; Neto, E. Fernandes, J.E.; Marian, D.; Vecchiati, M.; Caciagli, P.; Vaira, A.M. (2003) Occurrence of Cucumber vein yellowing virus in cucurbitaceous species in southern Portugal.

New Disease Reports. Volume 8: August 2003 - January 2004.