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EPPO Reporting Service no. 09 - 2005 Num. article: 2005/145

Ericaphis fimbriata occurs in Europe

In EPPO RS 2005/101, it was stated that Ericaphis fimbriata (Homoptera, Aphididae), a vector of Blueberry scorch carlavirus (EPPO Alert List) in North America, was not known to occur in Europe. In fact E. fimbriata has been reported in Europe, under different names which are considered as synonyms but this has created some confusion: Ericaphis scammelli has been reported in northern Italy (Barbagallo et al., 1998), Fimbriaphis fimbriata has been reported from the Netherlands, and F. fimbriata pernettyae from UK (Prior, 1971).


Personal communication with M. B. Nedstam, Swedish board of Agriculture, 2005-11.

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