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EPPO Reporting Service no. 04 - 2009 Num. article: 2009/062

First report of Citrus tristeza virus in Syria

In Syria, the main citrus-growing areas of Lattakia (Jableh, Aledyye, Eseelya, Siano, and Hresoon provinces) and Tartous (Almintar, Aljammase, Karto, Majdaloonelbahr, Yahmour, Amreet, Althawra, and Safita provinces) were surveyed to assess the presence of Citrus tristeza virus (Closterovirus, CTV – EPPO A2 List) during spring 2006. Eight nurseries (approximately 130 plants per nursery), 2 budwood source fields (approximately 230 trees per field), and 19 orchards (approximately 60 trees per orchards) were visually inspected and sampled for serological assays. Out of the 2 653 tested samples, 89 (4%) were found to be infected by CTV, but no conspicuous symptoms could be observed during visual inspections. The highest disease incidence was found in Citrus limon cv. Meyer (16%), many sweet orange varieties (Citrus sinensis) were found infected in the field but only Washington navel sweet orange was found infected in the nurseries. This is the first report of CTV in Syria.
The situation of Citrus tristeza virus in Syria can be described as follows: Present, first found in 2006, present in the main citrus-growing areas of Lattakia and Tartous.


Abou Kubaa R, Djelouah K, D’Onghia AM, Addante R, Jamal M (2008) First report from Syria of Citrus tristeza virus in Citrus spp. Plant Disease 92(10), p 1468.