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EPPO Reporting Service no. 09 - 2005 Num. article: 2005/131

Buddleja Lochinch: a potentially invasive plant?

Buddleja Lochinch (B. davidii x B. fallowiana) (Buddlejaceae) is said to be a sterile hybrid whose parents originated in China. It is morphologically similar to Buddleja davidii and is in addition frost and drought tolerant. Buddleja Lochinch has been proposed as an alternative plant to the very invasive Buddleja davidii in the South of France. But the remedy seems to be worse than the disease…
Laurent Clop, a horticulturist in the South of France has followed these recommendations and cultivated Buddleja Lochinch in 2003, and now has about 3 years of experience with this plant. According to him, the plant reproduces abundantly by seeds in the nursery and shows invasive characteristics. It seems that prescribing the hybrid Buddleja Lochinch as an alternative plant to Buddleja davidii was an error.

More information at: www.ame-lr.org/plantes-envahissantes.


Personal communication Laurent Clop, Pépinières Clop. Domaine de Sainte-Cécile - 84870 Loriol, France (e-mail vgto@aol.com).