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EPPO Reporting Service no. 03 - 2009 Num. article: 2009/049

First report of Paysandisia archon in Cyprus

The NPPO of Cyprus recently informed the EPPO Secretariat of the first record of Paysandisia archon (Lepidoptera: Castniidae – EPPO A2 List) on its territory. The pest was detected on 2 plants of Chamaerops humilis and 1 plant of Washingtonia filifera planted along a main road, in the area of Geroskipou near Paphos. Investigations were carried out to trace back the origin of the infestation and 6 more C. humulis plants were found infested at the trader premises. All infested plants were destroyed. Investigations also showed that these infested plants were part of a larger consignment originating from Italy. A survey has been initiated to determine the extent of the infestation of P. archon in Cyprus. It must be noted that the Geroskipou area is also one of the areas in Cyprus where official measures are already being taken to prevent the spread of another palm pest, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae – EPPO A2 List).
The situation of Paysandisia archon in Cyprus can be described as follows: Present, first reported in 2009 near Paphos, under eradication.


NPPO of Cyprus, 2009-03.