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EPPO Reporting Service no. 06 - 2005 Num. article: 2005/084

Situation of Diabrotica virgifera in France in August 2005

As in previous years and according to the EU decision 2003/766/EC, the NPPO of France has conducted official surveys on its whole territory and implemented eradication measures in areas where Diabrotica virgifera (EPPO A2 list) was found in 2004 (EPPO RS 2004/115 & 164). As of 2005-08-12, 3 new foci have been found in region ‘Ile-de-France’, at the following localities:
- Gouvernes (Seine et Marne): 826 adults were caught in 6 traps from 1st of July to 5th of August.
- Thiverval-Grignon (Yvelines): 9 adults were caught in 2 traps from 29th of July to 3rd of August.
- Corbeil-Essonne and Guibeville (Essonne): 4 adults were caught in 2 traps on the 5th of August.
No captures were made within the outbreak zones of Roissy, Orly (both discovered in 2002) and Pierrelaye (2004). It can be noted that some of the new outbreaks are located within buffer zones of earlier foci. The origin of these new outbreaks is not known.
Eradication measures have immediately been taken, including 2 insecticide treatments of maize crops located within quarantine areas (5 km radius around positive trapping points) and buffer zones (radius between 5 and 10 km).


NPPO of France, 2005-08.