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EPPO Reporting Service no. 02 - 2005 Num. article: 2005/024

First report of Little cherry closterovirus-1 in Poland

So far 3 closteroviruses associated with little cherry disease have been described (Little cherry closterovirus-1 [LChV-1], LChV-2, LChV-3 – EU Annexes). In Poland, during the 2003 growing season, virus-like symptoms were observed on sour cherry trees (Prunus cerasus) growing in commercial orchards and in a germplasm collection of Prunus. Affected trees showed irregular, chlorotic mottling, distortion and premature leaf fall. Leaf samples were collected and tested (DAS-ELISA, RT-PCR) for several viruses affecting cherry. Results revealed the presence of Cherry virus A on 15 trees and of LChV-1 on 2 trees. These viruses are reported for the first time in Poland. Some trees were also affected by Prunus necrotic ringspot ilarvirus and Prune dwarf ilarvirus.


Komorowska B, Cieślińska (2004) First report of Cherry virus A and Little cherry virus-1 in Poland.
Plant Disease, 88(8), p 909.