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EPPO Reporting Service no. 11 - 2006 Num. article: 2006/236

First report of Eggplant mottled dwarf virus in Slovenia

The NPPO of Slovenia informed the EPPO Secretariat that Eggplant mottled dwarf virus (Nucleorhabdovirus - EMDV) was found for the first time in 2003. EMDV was detected on tomato plants (Lycopersicon esculentum cv. Belle) showing unusual symptoms of chlorotic spots and wrinkles on Fruit, narrow and necrotic leaves. In June 2004, EMDV was also detected in potato crops (Solanum tuberosum cvs. Bistra, Désirée, Discovery, KIS94-1/5-14, Pšata). Infected plants showed severe dwarfing, leaf curling, reduced leaf size, small tubers produced in low numbers. Brown spots were clearly visible in cross sections of tubers. All infected plants were destroyed to prevent any further spread of the virus. In 2005, no further findings were made, and the NPPO of Slovenia now considers that EMDV is no longer present on its territory.

EPPO note: EMDV was first described in Italy on aubergine (S. melongena) in 1969 and occurs in many countries around the Mediterranean Basin. It has been recorded on vegetable crops, ornamental plants (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, Lonicera, Pittosporum) and weeds (Solanum nigrum). On vegetable crops, EMDV has mainly been found on Solanaceae such as: Capsicum annuum (pepper), Nicotiana tabacum (tobacco), Lycopersicon esculentum (tomato), Solanum melongena (aubergine), Solanum tuberosum (potato); and on Curcurbitaceae such as: Cucumis sativus (cucumber) and Cucumis melo (melon). The economic impact of EMDV is considered to be minor because the incidence of field infection is usually very low. In vegetatively propagated crops, EMDV can be disseminated through infected propagating material. In the field, the distribution pattern of infected plants suggests transmission by aerial vectors of low efficiency. So far, one leafhopper species Agallia vorobjevi (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) has been shown to transmit the virus.
The currently known distribution of EMDV is the following:
EPPO region: Algeria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Morocco, Portugal, Spain (Islas Canarias, and found in 2005 on the mainland), Tunisia, Turkey.
Africa: Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia.
Asia: Afghanistan, Israel, Iran, Jordan, Turkey.


NPPO of Slovenia, 2006-05.
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