EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 10 - 2007 Num. article: 2007/203

Invasive alien plants - EPPO Lists and documentation

The EPPO lists and technical documents related to invasive plant species have been updated and are now available on the EPPO website. The following lists of invasive alien plants, as well as datasheets, maps, pictures, and PRA documents (when available) can be consulted:

  • EPPO A2 List of pests recommended for regulation as quarantine pests (5 plant species are now included in the A2 List): the purpose of the EPPO A2 List is to recommend that organisms of serious phytosanitary concern should be regulated as quarantine pests by EPPO member countries (A2 pests are locally present in the EPPO region). The listing of pests is based on technical justifications (i.e. PRAs since the end of the 1990s) and follows a meticulous approval procedure.

  • EPPO List of invasive alien plants (38 species): these plant species have been identified by the Panel on Invasive Species as posing an important threat to plant health, the environment and biodiversity in the EPPO region. EPPO therefore strongly recommends countries endangered by these species to take measures to prevent their introduction and spread, or to manage unwanted populations (for example with publicity, restrictions on sale and planting, and controls). This List is constantly being reviewed by the Panel (new species can be added and others removed) and it is not meant to be exhaustive but to focus on the main risks.

  • EPPO Alert List (7 plant species): species included in the Alert List have been selected by the EPPO Secretariat or proposed by EPPO member countries, because they may present a risk to the EPPO region. Each addition to the EPPO Alert List is also marked by a short article in the EPPO Reporting Service. The objective of the EPPO Alert List is to provide an early warning and eventually to propose candidates which may be subjected to a PRA.

Readers and experts are warmly invited to provide the Secretariat with information about any new outbreak of invasive alien plants in the EPPO countries.