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EPPO Reporting Service no. 05 - 2007 Num. article: 2007/106

9th EMAPI Conference and 2nd WRA international workshop to be held in Perth (AU)

On 2007-09-17/21, the 9th International conference on the Ecology and Management of the Alien Plants Invasions (EMAPI) will be held in Perth (Australia).
The conference will cover topics such as:
- ecological, biological and biogeographical studies on invasive plants
- development of multidisciplinary activities aimed at preventing new incursions and managing existing infestations
- the management of plant invasions
- appropriate legislation, public education and information, and
- any other relevant aspects of plants that invade natural areas.

On 2007-09-14/15, the second international weed risk assessment workshop will also be held in Perth. This workshop will be an opportunity for practitioners, users and those interested in Weed Risk Assessment to meet, exchange ideas and learn about how Weed Risk Assessments are practiced around the world, under different legal and political systems.


Ecology and Management of Invasive Plants Invasions – 9th International Conference. http://www.congresswest.com.au/emapi9/program.html