EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 02 - 2022

028 New data on quarantine pests and pests of the EPPO Alert List
029 New and revised dynamic EPPO datasheets are available in the EPPO Global Database
030 Changes made to the EU list of regulated pests
031 Recommendations from Euphresco projects
032 First report of Diaphorina citri in Israel
033 First report of Spodoptera frugiperda in Saudi Arabia
034 First report of Garella musculana in Italy
035 Spread of Cacyreus marshalli within the EPPO region
036 First report of Thekopsora minima in the United Kingdom
037 First report of Hymenoscyphus fraxineus in Spain
038 Update on the situation of Lecanosticta acicola in Spain
039 First report of Ceratocystis ficicola, a pathogen of Ficus carica, in Greece and the EPPO region
040 Ceratocystis ficicola: addition to the EPPO Alert List
041 Detection and eradication of tobacco ringspot virus in Slovakia
042 Update on the situation of tobacco ringspot virus in the Netherlands
043 Cucurbit chlorotic yellows virus, an emerging virus of cucurbits spreading worldwide
044 First report of sweet potato chlorotic stunt virus in Hungary
045 Absence of Xylella fastidiosa in Morocco
046 First report of Ambrosia tenuifolia in Romania
047 Lepidium oblongum along railway lines in Hungary
048 First report of Verbena brasiliensis in Turkey
049 Biological control of Crassula helmsii
050 12th International Conference on Biological Invasions: Biological Invasions in a Changing World
051 22nd International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species (ICAIS)